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Win One of the Incredible Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun Figures!

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To the extent that I can speak for the site, Ain't It Cool News hopes you're hyped for Super7's Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun release. This really has the makings of something special. Personally, I'm not a toy scholar and find the whole field a bit intimidating, but here goes with a thumbnail sketch... In the 70's Bandai's Popy subsidiary released a line of 24 inch tall PET plastic robot toys called Jumbo Machinders. Back before people were too concerned with eyes getting shot out by spring loaded missiles, these Japanese toys became known in the western hemisphere when Mattel licensed a number of these figures from classic mecha anime Great Mazinger (follow-up to the series that aired in North America as Tranzor Z), Gaiking, Getter Robo G (Gaiking and Getter Robo G made it over as part of Force Five), Daimos, Raideen, Combattler V, and in Europe Grendizer, to be released as the Shogun Warriors.
In an inspired bit of geek obsession cross-pollination, Super7 is bringing out the Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun, a 24 inch tall Jumbo with free rotating wheels on the bottom of his feet, and a spring-loaded Rocket Punch firing fist. The polyethylene figure features a painted vinyl helmet, removable blaster and articulation at the neck and shoulders. Available at retail for the first time ever, the SUPER SHOGUN is a Limited Edition of only 1200 pieces, with many of that quantity already presold to consumers and overseas distributors. The experts at CollectionDX's Some Assembly Required on the subject An interview with Super7's Frank Supiot can be read here. To mark the release, Super7 is having a release party Saturday June 12th at 6:00 PM in their store at 1628 Post Street, San Francisco, CA The first 100 people through the door will be given a unique Star Wars themed collectible, which will act as a raffle ticket. A random drawing later in the evening will award a prize package including one of the SUPER SHOGUN figures.
Similar to how the toy itself combines the themes of Star Wars and Japanese Super Robots, we will have an extraordinary exhibition of rare vintage toys from both franchises on display. The expansive series of original Kenner Star Wars action figures, including rare items such as figures with early “telescoping” light sabers, will be shown from the personal collection of Super7 honcho Brian Flynn. From 12-backs to Yak Faces, you will have the opportunity to see the complete Kenner collection in its entirety. Master collector and “Chairman” of, Erik Sjoen, has graciously allowed us to exhibit his incredible collection of vintage Japanese Jumbo Machinders. The two-foot tall giants will take up a large amount of the exhibit space with over 20 different robots featured, from the popular Raideen and Grendize, to the more obscure Capsule Robo G and Giant Gorg. The final part of the exhibit will be dedicated to the “making of” the SUPER SHOGUN itself, as we present various stages of the production never before seen, including design sketches, original sculpts, and various mold tests. Aside from our Jumbo figure, actual Stormtroopers themselves will be on-hand at the party! Security at the event will be provided by the Golden Gate Garrison of the 501st Legion, to ensure that any rebel scum is dealt with accordingly. We hope to see you at the party!
And AICN is thrilled to be able to get in on the celebration. We have a Super Shogun Stormtrooper to give away! It's a great prize, so a little work is involved. I'm looking for a picture of a Stormtrooper... original illustrations would be great. Photos of action figures would be even better. Capture the iconic white armored fellow in an incongruous setting or vocation. Like a dude dressed up in his armor and flipping burgers. Send the picture to with the subject "Stormtrooper" and your postal address by the end of day Friday, June 18th. The winner will be announced Tuesday the 22nd. Value of the prize is $300.00 One prize will be awarded. Continental US only.
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