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Description (Plus Reader Renderings Of) The Costumes From The CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie!!

Merrick here...
Mike Sampson over at JoBlo got a look at Captain America's costumes for THE FIRST AVENGER. He's not allowed to pass along any media of the garb, but he's provided a lengthy description of what he saw...
The fabric of the costume doesn't look like the scaled material of SPIDER-MAN but more of a leather fabric, like something you'd see on one of the X-MEN. Cap wears an old school utility belt, the likes of which we haven't seen much in modern superhero movies. Utility belts were a staple of comic superheroes but haven't made the transition but here Cap sports a rather thick belt made up of brown pockets with a silver buckle. (It actually looks something like the belt on this Captain America toy. [EDIT] The suit actually has a practical WWII military look to it with some of the obvious Captain America flourishes that we would expect. It's hard to really pass judgment on a costume until you see it properly lit, in motion and doing what it's meant to do. But based on what I saw, I'm pretty impressed with how they were able to adapt the costume for the film. As for the shield, it actually hews very closely to the classic design of red/white/red rings with the white star in a blue circle at the middle.
...reveals Mike HERE, in a piece which goes on to discuss the costume in quite a bit more detail. Be sure to check it out. Interestingly, some JoBlo readers have now drawn up their extrapolations/interpretations of the costume based on Mike's descriptions, and Mike has posted the artwork best representing the costume he saw. You can look upon said art HERE. Here's a sample, but be sure to check out the other renderings for further details.

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