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Guillermo Del Toro leaves THE HOBBIT...

Hey folks, Harry here and I am all at once incredibly sad and relieved that our good friend Guillermo Del Toro is leaving THE HOBBIT two-parter. Sad, because I know - beyond any doubt what Guillermo's HOBBIT would've been. I can see in my mind's eye the look of the film, the flow of the film and the loving detail his wonderful eyes would give us. And to a degree, some of Guillermo's vision will always be a part of the eventual films that will eventually be made. The questions that now come into play are filled with wild curiousity. TheOneRing.Net has the official press release. The main reason for this is that Guillermo had pre-existing commitments with Universal for a whole slate of films, that the absurd situation with MGM has caused to occur. SO... Now - will THE HOBBIT be made in time for Warner's announced dates? Will Peter Jackson, who hasn't committed to a next feature - that is, at least, announced thus far. With Peter still producing and overseeing the project - I'm sure we won't get a Brett Ratner or Paul W.S. Anderson aboard. But if Peter is still reticent to helm THE HOBBIT... Who would you folks like to see take the reins from Guillermo? Whose aesthetic fits both Peter and Guillermo? The mind boggles. Now you may ask why I'm relieved. The reason I'm relieved is that while I knew intellectually that Guillermo would make a great HOBBIT film... I was terrified of the second film. BUT mainly I want to see Guillermo's more Guillermo-themed projects. Weird bits of awesome. I am concerned now that without HOBBIT's success - that I may never see AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS get made, which is the Number 1 film I need to see Guillermo make. And in Guillermo's heart, it is his as well. Who knows. Maybe that'll end up being next. But Guillermo has the following films in a stage of development -- HATER, CHAMPIONS, SATURN AND THE END OF DAYS, PINNOCHIO, DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, THE WITCHES, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, FRANKENSTEIN and DROOD.

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