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Has Jeremy Renner really signed to play Clint Barton? AVENGERS rumblings...

Hey folks, Harry here with the juiciest little purr I've heard in a while. Heard today from a first time source with a very interesting connection to all of this. One that was checked up on and seems to be solid. BUT according to this source Jeremy Renner has gone from the Bomb Squad in Iraq to possibly the AVENGERS as the character of HAWKEYE. I find this news very interesting - we initially had the idea that this AVENGERS was going to be fairly old school. HULK, THOR, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and maybe ol Hank Pym, but with that never being said outright. Then in the wake of IRON MAN - we begin to hear that BLACK WIDOW and NICK FURY were going to have significant roles in AVENGERS... and now this? Take the story with a grain of salt, there is a possibility for misunderstanding, given how I did hear this. BUT - the story goes that the reason this has happened at this point is... there's a chance at a cameo in some Marvel flick that is shooting now, but again - that is speculative. We will be doing additional digging on this. But I do like the casting.

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