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Check out this trailer for French nod to '80s sci-fi and fantasy called DAY OF THE COMET (Le Jour de la Comete)!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I get sent a ton of low budget stuff... trailers, sizzle reels, pitch videos... some of them are good, most of them not so much, but only a few I've felt compelled to pass along to you guys. This French film looks to homage all the right things for me personally. It's going for an '80s Amblin feel and being French has some really fucked up visuals... I mean, there's a giant teddy bear in the first part. I have a feeling this DAY OF THE COMET (no relation to the '80s cheesetacular Night of the Comet) is ahead of the curve, what with JJ Abrams doing his version of an Amblin movie with SUPER 8 and all the rip-offs that's sure to inspire from other studios. I hope the final version is cool, but this trailer really perked me up. God willing we'll see this start hitting the festival circuit soon enough and we'll see how it plays. Enjoy:

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