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HEAVY RAIN Adaptation Coming??

Merrick here...
Former New Line folk Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne are evidently close to optioning the PS3 game HEAVY RAIN for their Unique Features company.
The game's combination of murder, rain and an inherent atmospheric gloom evokes memories of the David Fincher-directed Seven, [EDIT] Players hunt the “Origami Killer,” a serial murderer who drowns his victims four days after they are abducted, leaving only a small origami figure and an orchid on the corpse. The game becomes a procedural in which four characters try to solve the crime after another potential victim is kidnapped.
...says Deadline HERE.
Here's a trailer for the game...'s 10 minutes of gameplay from the title...

...and HERE is another ten minutes of gameplay.
Haven't played this myself as I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around (sorry, couldn't resist), but I may still give it a look this Summer. HEAVY RAIN, a PS3 exclusive, hit stores in February & can be found HERE.
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