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Pics (And Making Of Vids) From Tarsem's IMMORTALS!!

Merrick here...
Some images from Tarsem Singh's IMMORTALS (retitled from WAR OF THE GODS, which was retitled from DAWN OF WAR, or something like that) are now making the rounds. Several sites have 'em, we didn't get 'em, so I'm arbitrarily linking out to /film so you can take a look (click scruffier-than-usual Mickey to access more & embiggenable pics).
Also, a new series of "Making Of..." videos is being issued by Rogue. Part 1 can be found HERE - links to subsequent installments are available immediately beneath each video. IMMORTALS is about those who would challenge the Titans - evidently told in a hard action sorta way. Henry Cavill is Theseus, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN's Isabel Lucas is Athena, Rourke plays King Hyperion, Kellan Lutz is Poseidon, Luke Evans is Zeus, and John Hurt is Old Zeus (maybe he'll be the cranky old God who yells at the lowly mortals playing on his lawn). The film hits late next year.
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