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So Sylvester Stallone just called...

Hey folks, Harry here. SO I just answered the phone, it was Sylvester Stallone calling... The conversation began with him loving on my ROBIN HOOD review. HEAD INFLATING. And then he said he wondered if you guys would be up for another go around of questions & answers with Sly. I said, "Of course my readers would love that." So look for that at some point this summer. Next I had to ask, "Sly, what's up with all this RAMBO V posters at Cannes?" Folks... As this was an unscheduled conversation - I won't be quoting Sly directly - but essentially... NO FUCKING WAY. Stallone told me in no uncertain terms - At the end of JOHN RAMBO - when he sees his home, those horses and he looks back at that road... for Sly, that was a road he is never walking down again. In August, he's doing an expanded edition of JOHN RAMBO that seems to be coming to Blu Ray and DVD - where he is putting back into the films - a few moments here and there that help with the finality of that film. Including a monologue, somewhere around the head of the film which will basically give everything John Rambo has left to say, that is, as of yet, unsaid. So what is going on with the RAMBO V posters at Cannes? Sly has no clue. When I floated the concept that it could be the rights holders trying to raise ludicrous funds to get Sly back in front of the camera. Sly said, "Maybe, but it ain't happening." He then told me that the folks behind those posters essentially said that if Sly didn't do it - someone else would. And Sly seems fine with that. So... it is possible that we'll see RAMBO again on screen... it just won't be with Sly. He's let go of the character, in terms of being on screen. That said, he's very happy with THE EXPENDABLES - and is finishing the film TODAY. He's head over heels for Brian Tyler's score, which we discussed briefly. Oh - and Austin - we could be having one helluva fun EXPENDABLES event. Just saying.

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