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Merrick again... Harry has more details about whether or not there will be/could be/might be a fifth RAMBO movie HERE.

Merrick here...
About two weeks ago, Sly said he was "about 99% sure" another RAMBO movie wouldn't be happening, despite previously announced designs to the contrary (deatils HERE). If this is the case, why is EXPENDABLES Exec Prod Boaz Davidson talking plot points in a German magazine called Deadline (the article quote below courtesy of AB king) ...
John Rambo returns home, finds out his father died. Only a mexican family that worked for his father lives in the Rambo house, which is next to the mexican border. The daughter of the mexican family decides to celebrate her birthday in Mexico, where she disappears. John Rambo starts looking for her, and finds out a connection to a slave traders(?) ring. Davidson says it will be pretty realistic and bloody again.
...why is Nu Image's site reflecting a RAMBO V artwork HERE, and why are RAMBO V posters now being seen at Cannes (thanks to everyone who sent us THIS TWITPIC LINK).

When we heard there probably wouldn't be another RAMBO picture, Sly said he was concerned that adding another movie to the franchise could negate the (admittedly contradictory) ambiguity/sense of closure provided by the fourth installment. Wonder if he's found a way around that pitfall, or the politics & sheer economy are now ruling the day? By the way, the "Extended Cut" of RAMBO 4 is now up for pre-order at Amazon (HERE). It's said to contain 9-12 minutes of reinstated material, and some other fresh goodies. Can't wait.
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