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X-MEN casting Hugh Jackman cast as Wolverine

Hey folks, Harry here with a update on the Wolverine casting nightmares.... Well seems that a fairly unknown (to us Americans anyways) Australian actor by the name of Hugh Jackman has been cast as the clawed one. First it appeared on McKellen.Com, then was later confirmed on Variety... Meanwhile, I've been hearing from Australian readers that this is one of the world's greatest horrible decisions. Of course, they simply might be sick of seeing him down there... But I have zero exposure to this man I believe, so when I first see him in this film... it'll be merely as Wolverine. Hopefully... he'll kick ass and not suck it. I have to admit that... I am really pulling for this movie to work. I hope this Hugh is a mound of charisma and cool... a discovery. But seriously... in terms of this script... it's real important that he be very friggin good. Meanwhile, the only online pic of him I've seen is at this site right here!, I'd put it up on the site, but I still don't quite have all my FTP info on this server yet, so... Hopefully you can find it there. Here's Mastermind who first alerted me...

Hey Harry,

Mastermind here with...well I don't know what! Love the site and must have my daily dose. Well, tonight at about 11:30pm EST, I went into withdrawl and needed a fix. I logged on and feverishly clicked on my bookmark(hopefully not causing any permanent damage to my mouse)only to find that Dougray Scott had definetly been dropped from X-MEN due to scheduling conflicts w/ MI2. Anywho, not satisfied with the tease of a possible Russell Crowe casting I racked my brains for where I might find more concrete info on who might now be stepping in. Checking through my old bookmarks in a last ditch effort I came across the link to: and lo and behold to my surprise what do I find but the name; HUGH JACKMAN over the credit Wolverine/Logan. Hastily, of course, I scurried my ass on over to the IMDB to see just who this fellow might be. Unfortunately for me there was NO photo and only a few credits(some film, some tv)such as Erskinville Kings and Ohklahoma!. Frustrated and intrigued I thought I should pass this info on to the only man I know who could get to the real dirt!! So Harry, heres the ball, run with it...PLEASE?!!


Out of complete dissatisfaction with the link I found earlier, I was happy to see Sean Jordan (from Zentertainment) provide in talk back a most excellent site for Hugh Jackman. Check out the bottom picture of Hugh in the brown leather jacket... Combine that with some of the more mean faces you can find on this site, add more hair, and them claws and he looks a helluva lot more Wolverinish that Dougray.... in my opinion... Check this out!!!!!

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