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Merrick here...
We've known for a while that work on a new JUDGE DREDD movie was underway - we've even gotten a glimpse at purported concept art from the project (HERE). But there were some key pieces missing...that're now starting to fall into place. Mike Fleming says The Powers That Be have successfully financed the film, which has also found a director. Presumably, all of this is coming about in anticipation of pimping the project at Cannes over the next week or two.
Andrew Macdonald’s DNA Films has made a deal with India-based Reliance Big Entertainment and IM Global to finance Judge Dredd, a 3D film that was scripted by Alex Garland, and will be directed by Pete Travis,
..says Deadline HERE. Scripter Alex Garland wrote 28 DAYS LATER, SUNSHINE, and that HALO movie which never got made. Pete Travis directed VANTAGE POINT (with Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forrest Whitaker and Sigourney Weaver). They're evidently going back to the comic source material (HERE) as opposed to cannibalizing Stallone's 1995 movie...
So, in theory, there's a lot of potential here. Although, I didn't see VANTAGE POINT - is it any good?
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