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THE STRANGERS' Bryan Bertino Takes THIS MAN To Sam Raimi's Ghost House!

Beaks here...

When Bryan Bertino's THE STRANGERS hit theaters in May of 2008, it was a welcome (if modest) return to the atmospheric, widescreen horror films of my youth. Alas, it was also a very brief return, because I haven't seen anything like it since. Though it ultimately played like a calling card movie, I couldn't help but look forward to Bertino's next feature - which seemed assured when THE STRANGERS performed stronger than expected at the box office. It took a couple of years, but, according to Deadline New York's Michael Fleming, Bertino's second feature is a go with Sam Raimi's Ghost House production company. It's called THIS MAN, and it's based on a viral phenomenon orchestrated by sociologist Andrea Natella, which has something to do with people all over the world dreaming of Harvey Pekar. Bertino's film will be about the dream man, who has no idea he's turning up in people's nightmares. All joking aside, this sounds like the perfect antidote to Platinum Dunes' botch of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. It could also be the first internet meme made into a motion picture. That's a little troubling, but if it gets Bertino back behind the camera, I'm all for it. If he can keep his head above water in Hollywood, I guarantee he'll make a truly great horror film in the next ten years.

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