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Merrick here...
During a discussion with Empire about his forthcoming EXPENDABLES, Stallone was questioned re: the status of the next RAMBO film. You may recall we'd initially heard RAMBO 5 would be pseudo-science fiction (Rambo -vs- metaphysically icky mega-beast). Later, we learned the project was being re-shaped to accommodate Sly -vs- badguys South of the Border (or something like that). Now it seems neither will be the case...'cause there ain't no movie!?
“I think Rambo’s pretty well done. I don’t think there’ll be any more. I’m about 99% sure,” said Stallone, [EDIT] for Rambo to go on another adventure might be, I think, misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture and not necessary. I don’t want that to happen.
...said Sly in THIS piece over at Empire. Although a fifth installment may be kaputski, seems we'll still see an issuance of a director's cut of the fourth film - which restores 12 minutes of movie, including a major monologue by John himself. A few more details over at Empire - be sure to check it out. On one hand, I really loved the fourth RAMBO film and was extremely eager to see where Sly would take the character, and franchise. On the other hand, I do understand the point he's making...and can see that ambiguity of RAMBO 4's conclusion was as fitting an ending as any for that character. What're your thoughts?
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