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You Don't Have To Wait Until July 20th, 2012 To See The Next BATMAN Movie!!

Merrick here...
With a look at BATMAN XXX (which makes it BATMAN 30). Looks like quite a bit of effort was taken to (at least semi-believably) re-create the look of the Adam West/Burt Ward television series - hell, they even got that show's Batmobile!

I'm betting this is a healthy serving of cheese topped with a whole lotta fucking. It's difficult to be sure given the material included in this trailer, but wouldn't it be funny if this picture ended up being a more tolerable BATMAN than either of Schumacher's films? Wonder if animated words will pop out during the sex scenes? BANG! PUMP! Etc... A Romero-esque Joker with a Phaser? Penthouse Pet Tori Black as Catwoman? Admit it, you know you're at least a little enticed...
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