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(These Were) Pics From The Filming Of The Coen's TRUE GRIT!!

Merrick here...

Rooster Cockburn sent in some pics nabbed from the filming of Joel & Ethan Coen's TRUE GRIT adaptation in a small town outside of Austin. No pics of Flynn/Dude wearing a cowboy hat & an eye patch yet - we're waiting for that with baited breath. Although, I guess we got a sense of the hat part in CRAZY HEART... I believe we're loking at Joel Coen in the fourth image (black shirt & cowboy hat - is that him?), and Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross in the sixth image (she's the girl who drafts Rooster Cogburn to go out and find the asshole who killed her daddy).


The film, which is a re-adaptation of Charles Portis' novel (HERE) more than a remake of the John Wayne film from 1969 - should be in theaters 'round Christmas.
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