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MAXIMUM RIDE (About Bird Kids) Flies Away From Columbia And Swoops Towards Universal!!

Merrick here...
The movification of James Patterson's MAXIMUM RIDE books is leaving Columbia and looks to be headed for Universal. The books, which see Patterson in young-adult mode, chronicles six teens known as the Flock who are genetically altered so they are part human and part bird. Learning to fly, they escape the laboratory where they have been housed and are pursued by a pack of creatures called the Erasers that are part human and part wolf. ...says THR HERE. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (IRON MAN) will provide a new script for the project, with Catherine Hardwicke (the first TWILIGHT movie) still attached to direct. THIS Wiki entry offers a bit more detail:
The series chronicles the lives of six human/avian fugitives. Bred in a science lab called "The School", the Flock endured scientific experiments that rendered them 98% human and 2% avian. Through the first three books of the Maximum Ride series, the Flock spends much of their time running from human-lupine hybrids created by the School called Erasers. Book four is mainly about the flock rising against global warming, while Book 5 is about saving Dr. Martinez from a man named Mr. Chu, while battling environmental pollution.
I'm really, really, really trying to stay open minded here - but Bird Kids against Global Warming? Gives me a headache. All of this does, actually. You can find various installments from Patterson's franchise HERE.
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