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Charles Grodin Might Just Be in That MIDNIGHT RUN Sequel After All!!

Merrick here...
Alonzo Mosely wrote in with a few more details regarding the MIDNIGHT RUN sequel we've been hearing about. Seems the multiple...and widely believed...reports of Charles Grodin's absence from the picture are not entirely accurate. Agent Mosely indicates that, while the sequel isn't specifically about the Jonathan Mardukas character Grodin played in the first film, Jonathan is in the script & is an instrumental component in the sequel's storyline. I checked out Alonzo Mosely's credentials (anyone can flash a badge, after all) and they seem legit. So, at this point in the project's development, I'd feel pretty comfortable saying the above information is accurate. To be perfectly clear, what I'm about to say is 100% my own extrapolation: based on De Niro's comments earlier this week (HERE) which he said the sequel would involve the son of the Grodin's character...and given Agent Mosely's assertion that Grodin's character (therefore - Grodin?) is in the show...I'm betting that Grodin appears to hire De Niro to track down/bring back his son. Possibly said son has fallen in with some baddies? Or, are there other extenuating circumstances which make his retrieval important? We'll see. Huge thanks to Alonzo Mosely for writing in. The sequel's sounding more and more interesting...
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