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MONSTERS INC 2 is officially in the works!

Hey folks, Harry here and over at Variety, which even though I have a paid account, still comes up with a black box which doesn't allow me to read, no matter how many times I enter my valid passcode... I don't mind subscription, I just ask that it work properly. Anyway - they're announcing that MONSTERS INC 2 is going ahead. It is due to come out November 16th, 2012. Otherwise, they're pretty sparse on the details. As it happens, while I was in Los Angeles, I was eating breakfast in my hotel, reading about the awe of nature unleashed in Iceland, a really splendid fellow came up to talk, he introduced himself as being Michael Arndt, who was the screenwriter for TOY STORY 3 - having written LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE prior to that. We had some nice chatter, but when I asked him what he was working on next, he said, "I'm working on Pete Docter's next project at Pixar" - and he left it at that. I find myself wondering if Pete is coming back to helm MONSTERS INC 2 - and if Michael Arndt is handling the scripting duties. I have to say - Michael struck me as having drunk the Pixar Kool-Aid - he had that euphoric glow of having found the most perfect creative center on the planet. Whoever is doing MONSTERS INC 2 - I'm excited - hell, I was SULLY last year for Halloween - and a pic of me as Sully is the background for my iPad. And the only stuffed toy we got at Disneyland this time was Boo in her monster disguise. Then when we came home, we watched MONSTERS INC... so yeah, I'm all about this news!!! Y'all asked for it, here's me as Sully last Halloween!

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