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Exclusive: Will there be Airbendin' in all three dimensions? That's right, THE LAST AIRBENDER is being 3Dafied!

Hey folks, Harry here - while I was on my recent venture to the fabled Hollywoodland - and ever so slightly before I wandered into a screening room to behold IRON MAN 2, I had the opportunity to spend a rather choice amount of time with a certain senior official within the Paramount world that chatted my ear off regarding how M. Night Shyamalan and Paramount were playing footsie with the notion of bringing 3D to THE LAST AIRBENDER. I think we can all collectively hope that it works out better than CLASH OF THE TITANS... and ultimately the choice to 3D or Not laid in M Night's judgement - and frankly that does encourage me. M Night is a details kind of director and if they do do it right, like with NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, it could be quite a spectacle. This is something they've been working at for a while now, but they just got to the point where they feel confident in letting the world know that M. Night's THE LAST AIRBENDER will be airbending in 3D. The post-3D process got a big "YUCK" out of CLASH OF THE TITANS, will M. Night and the brilliant eyes of Andrew Lesnie have the time and the eye to make THE LAST AIRBENDER's foray into 3D an outstanding affair? I certainly hope so, though if it doesn't work out - quality wise - I would recommend looking at just committing to 3D at the beginning or not at all. You'll all be seeing a new trailer for THE LAST AIRBENDER on IRON MAN 2, it is pretty incredible looking. Unlike anything we've ever seen from M Night. This is a very big looking movie. I never really got into the animated series, but my nephew and sister are going nuts on them all right now. So I can't really say much about what I saw... I loved the magical creatures, which were absent in that first trailer. The film is beginning to look very very interesting, even in 2D.

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