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Nimoy: Spock Prime Won’t Be Back!!

I am – Hercules!! Leonard Nimoy says he’s completed his role as William Bell on J.J. Abrams’ “Fringe” and he won’t be playing Spock in Abrams’ next “Star Trek” movie. Nimoy, 79, also says he is finally done with acting altogether. “I want to get off the stage. Also, I don’t think it would be fair to Zachary Quinto,” he tells the Toronto Sun. “He’s a terrific actor, he looks the part, and it’s time to give him some space. And I’m very flattered the character will continue.” He tells the Sun his Bell character was never meant to be a permanent fixture on “Fringe.” “I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.” Disappointing words. Leaving aside how much we'll miss Nimoy, Spock Prime -- with his knowledge of technology from the other timeline's late 24th century -- is arguably the most important figure in the new "Trek" universe. Also, I was hoping he might pop into Abrams' "Mission: Impossible 4" as Paris. Find all of the Sun’s story on the matter here.
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