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New Animated STAR WARS Series To Serve As Sequel To RETURN OF THE JEDI????

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It looks like we're getting a "Star Wars" series set after the events of "Return of the Jedi." Is Lucasfilm director of fan relations Steve Sansweet talking about the animated comedy from Seth Green and that "Daily Show" writer? Will we finally get to find out what happened after the Empire's defeat -- but in the form of a sitcom? From
During the Q&A section of the panel, a fan said, "I would really love to see new adventures after Jedi with our favorite characters Luke, Han and Leia," to which Sansweet replied, "And you will, in the new animation."
Steve Sansweet confirmed at C2E2 that LucasFilm plans to revisit the original cast of characters from Star Wars in post Return of the Jedi adventures. However, it will be in the same animated format as The Clone Wars series running today.
Also this:
Oh, there was one ominous thing he said though... not everyone who dies in sci-fi stays dead. He continued by stating we'll see what he means in 3 to 4 years.
But. But we saw Anakin, happy and wavy, with the pretty glow as the Ewoks danced. Find all of BOL’s post on the matter here. And, just to cleanse the palate, an early trailer for "Star Wars II" narrated by Harrison Ford:
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