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Sharlto Copley is headed back into science fiction, in I AM NUMBER FOUR

Hey folks, Harry here with a cool bit of casting that has popped up in this early morning edition of Hollywood Reporter's HeatVisionBlog. It seems that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are teaming up to produce one of the Beard's fave directors under his wing, D.J. Caruso - who had been working on JACK THE GIANT KILLER prior to Bryan Singer stepping aboard to helm. Now it seems that D.J. has found a juvenile science fiction property - due out later this year... and those guys from SMALLVILLE, Millar & Gough have adapted this property about 9 aliens that flee their home world before its destruction, disguised as Human High Schoolers (like TWILIGHT?). The title character is being played by Alex Pettyfer (the upcoming BEASTLY, which really doesn't look good thus far) - and as a former servant class from the home world, Sharlto will play Alex's guardian and elder guide. Interesting team thus far. I think the most interesting thing is that the original article doesn't mention a studio - is it possible that Spielberg isn't doing this with either DREAMWORKS or PARAMOUNT? Possibly. Let's see what we find out!

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