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Sid & Marty Krofft team up with Ruby-Spears to develop a host of original Jack Kirby concepts - lost to the ages, nevermore!!!

Hey folks, Fuzzy here... Fuzzy? Well, you see - it's actually me Harry - but when Jack Kirby first met my parents and me, it was 1974 at the San Diego Comic Con - and when my Parents presented me and told him my name was Harry - he looked at me - said, "He looks more like a FUZZY than a HAIRY" - and he even signed some things to me as "FUZZY" - so when I think Jack Kirby - I think of myself as FUZZY KNOWLES! That's neither here nor there - the real awesome of this story lies over at the ol Grey Lady aka The New York Times. I spotted this story while enjoying the NYT app on that spiffy awesome iPad of mine (paying off already) So (PP) - you know who you are - this story's for you. It is kind of funny that the headline for the NYtimes story reads, "JACK KIRBY of MARVEL COMICS Left Some Ideas Behind." Sure - the first thing people think of when they think Jack Kirby, typically was Marvel Comics - but any real fan of Jack Kirby's dazzling work knows that Jack created comics across the board - worked at many animation companies - hell going back to being an in-betweener for the Fleischer Studios doing BETTY BOOP cartoons... But for a sometime in the Late Seventies - Jack unleashed his powerful pencils to work at RUBY SPEARS Animation - developing and working on a host of projects - and developing and pitching many ideas for production - with mountains of artwork. We've known about some of this thinks to Mark Evanier's epic tome on Kirby called KIRBY: KING OF COMICS - but much like Kirby's legendary Theme Park he created (Please Richie Rich build it in VEGAS!) - we know so little. That's because Ruby Spears have been sitting on the material for ages... Until one fateful day recently when they sat down to talk to the great duo of Sid & Marty Krofft. If you click over to that "ol Grey Lady" link above - you'll see a host of Kirby images for an amazing selection of unrealized Kirby visions. I say they begin a feature of that GOLDEN SHIELD character right now - because we need him to save the Earth from our impending doom this 2012! And I say we cast Scarlett Johansson as Roxie for ROXIE'S RAIDERS now! Sid & Marty has a plan apparently... a dream to turn these nuggets of King Kirby Gold into an array of coolnesses - like movies, video games, new comics, television shows, etc... The only thing I'd ask of Sid & Marty Krofft is this. The New York Times state clearly that these properties were free and clear the property of RUBY SPEARS - done under a "Work for Hire" contract - and they are under no obligation to involve the Kirby Estate... But ya know - if you're building a kingdom that you fully acknowledge this man created - give the estate a token of respect monetarily as these things go forward. A small Associate Producer style nugget. Something. For one - that folks like me that love Kirby - wish to see his legacies and his family somewhat together. Either way - I'm dying to see this stuff turned into amazing works of entertainment - and there is no legal reason to do it. Think of it as Good Karma. Right? The Right Thing to do. After all, when the NYTimes reached out to Lisa Kirby, she said, "My dad always spoke well of Ruby-Spears, and that they treated him fairly." Which was an awfully nice thing to do, right? No matter - we will cover and dig into this. In fact somewhere I have Marty Krofft's contact info after that LAND OF THE LOST screening I did last year - I think I'll give him a buzz tomorrow and get into the nitty gritty - if I can get him to talk. Keep your fingers crossed!

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