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CHUD's Devin Faraci takes a fascinating peek at what went wrong with CLASH OF THE TITANS!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I read this article from Devin Farci over at CHUD examining the movie they set out to (re)make when embarking on the CLASH OF THE TITANS and find it fascinating, especially so soon after the film's release. Faraci digs up info on the shooting draft, discusses the drastic changes made during the reshoots and just why the fuck Danny Huston was cast as Poseidon and only given one line. It's a great read. If you were as frustrated as I was about CLASH OF THE TITANS you have to head over to CHUD to read the whole thing. The beginning is below to serve as a taster:
"It's obvious that Clash of the Titans isn't the movie it's supposed to be. Watching the film - 2D or 3D - reveals a movie that's internally inconsistent and that bears all the hallmarks of something that's been tampered with and changed at the last minute. Trying to figure out what happened and to discover what the other Clash of the Titans could have been, I began doing some research and investigation. Probably the most interesting thing I learned is that there's a significantly different cut of the film in the vault. Louis Leterrier's original version of Clash of the Titans differs from what's playing in theaters in some fairly major ways, and while some of it could be restored for the DVD release, much of it would need extra FX work and would drastically change the plot of the film. Unlike last summer's Terminator Salvation, which got messed around with in the script stage and on set, Clash of the Titans was largely changed after principal photography through editing and some widely reported reshoots - all of which included Leterrier. It should go without saying that this article will contain spoilers for Clash of the Titans, so if you haven't seen the movie please stop reading now. The most drastic changes in the film come at the expense of the gods. Many watching the movie wonder why Danny Huston would have been hired to play Poseidon when he has almost absolutely nothing to do in the film; the answer is that nearly two thirds of the business with the gods was edited out of the film, and the very tenor of the god scenes was changed in fundamental ways."

Make sure to finish the great article by clicking here. Good work, Devin. What do you folks think? -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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