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Albert Hughes to direct the live-action AKIRA adaptation?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here with another story from Variety refugee, Mike Fleming over at DEADLINE who asks if the HUGHES Brothers are splitting to handle different projects. I talked with the brothers at length after the AICN screening of BOOK OF ELI earlier this year. Actually - between FROM HELL and BOOK OF ELI - the brothers had split to do different projects - mainly commercials, then got back together with BOOK OF ELI, which had a long development process. I asked them at the time whether they were going to continue directing together and they seemed to indicate to me that they were. Mike points out that Albert is taking the lead on a live action adaptation of AKIRA -- while Allen is heading up directing an HBO pilot called GENTLEMEN OF LEISURE - which takes off where AMERICAN PIMP knocked it. Given that their directing style together allowed them to focus on different aspects of physical production - I'm betting that Albert will head up the process on AKIRA with his brother Allen joining him in the fray. But that's supposition - I'll reach out to find out more on AKIRA tomorrow... like, is it 3D? Where is the script at? Etc. So let's hop to finding out, right? And before I go - Can you imagine the right way to do AKIRA live action? It would be epic beyond words if nailed. Then again, having watched the trailer to SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD about a 100 times - there is a part of me that thinks now is the time to nail this project. Now, will they be left alone to make the best adaptation possible? That's another story...

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