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Updated! AICN debuts the Tyler Stout posters for BEST WORST MOVIE!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the debut of geek poster champion Tyler Stout's official one-sheet for the super fun documentary BEST WORST MOVIE which chronicles the second life of the truly horrible TROLL 2 as a so-bad-it's-good party favorite. The trailer went up yesterday and now we have the posters! I'm not sure if these will be the theatrical posters or a Mondo-style limited edition, but I do know prints will be available in limited editions... I'll update this article when I have more information, but I figured you'd want to see 'em! Update: Later today, Wednesday evening, the below two Stout posters will go on sale at this website right here! The Green and Gold is limited to 350 and the Gold and Silver variant is limited to 180. No word on pricing yet, but if you're a Stout fanatic at least you know where to pick 'em up! Update #2: The Green and Gold is $50. Check the link above. There is one design, but two posters. The second Gold and Silver one will be a limited printing, but the Green on the poster makes it, in my opinion. So, my favorite is the first! Enjoy!

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