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Advertising During The Series Finale Of LOST Will Be Freakin' 'Spensive!!

Merrick here...
THIS article over at AdvertisingAge says that anyone looking to purchase commercial time during ABC's May 23 series finale of LOST will have to shell out some serious change.
The cost of a 30-second ad in the final episode of the series is coming in around a whopping $900,000, according to media buyers. Buyers suggest ABC has been seeking between $850,000 and $950,000 for an ad berth. ABC executives declined to comment. During last year's upfront, a 30-second spot for "Lost" was selling for an average of $213,563, according to Advertising Age's annual survey of ad costs in prime-time broadcast shows. At $900,000 a spot, ABC is clearing a markup north of 400% from advertisers who didn't reserve their time in the show last year.
What does that work out to...about $30,000 a second? The 3 hour long May 23 event includes an hour long "recap" show, followed by the two hour finale itself - an installment simply entitled "The End." For those who are as rotten with dates as I am, note that May 23 is actually a SUNDAY (the show's currently airing on Tuesdays).
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