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Steven Lisberger Re: The TRON Films, And Much More!! + A Reference To A Scott Brothers BLADE RUNNER Project!?

Merrick here...
Henry Jenkins has a lengthy (and quite fascinating) video discussion with TRON's Steven Lisberger about many things TRON, and beyond. I've yet to watch the entire interview at the time of this posting. But what I've seen so far? Very cool. Lisberger talks about why TRON has come full circle, the struggles of considering/creating the physics of TRON, struggles to get people to understand TRON in the early days, larger issues of techno-culture, the impact of 3D and AVATAR, and much more. There's an eye opening moment in this interview: at 4:22 in Part 1 of their talk, Jenkins makes reference to Ridley and Tony Scott "returning to BLADE RUNNER". Lisberger does not dispute this assertion- having just hung out with Ridley at Jeff Bridges' house (how cool would that pow-wow have been!?) I'm assuming this is a mutual brain fart & they're actually referring to the ALIEN project that's already been announced, but that BLADE RUNNER mention is...very specific...and conspicuous.


It's a very compelling and enlightening discussion that is certain to get your Geek on. Sit back with a snack and check it out!
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