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Worst Fucking News Ever! Paul WS Anderson to do BUCK ROGERS in 3D! ARGH!!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with some pretty horrendous and incredibly depressing news that will take some time to recover from. Now we know that PARADOX is a company that is spending some big money to get some pretty amazing properties. Right now they're making CONAN with a Baywatch guy and Marcus "I love orange" Nispel. Well know they're making BUCK ROGERS with Paul "Worthless Shit" Anderson. This is a director that has continually made shit at a scale that stinks for ages. And yet, I find myself still hoping that this director, whose films I continually dislike - and has only ever moderately distracted me... is now making one of my fave characters of the past... in 3D. Fuck. Seriously - you go with Paul W.S. Anderson? There's dozens of directors that I personally know - that given this property they would go head over heels making it. I'm sure Paul is excited, but he just isn't very fucking talented. He's a goddamn grade-school artist trying to make things for the Louvre. Fuck this news that Mike Fleming broke. Fuck this is sad.

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