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Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE is set to begin Stop Motion Photography shortly!

Hey folks, Harry here with some news out of SXSW. In Mike Fleming's article about Tim Burton's Charles Addams' ADDAMS FAMILY. And the headline seemed to suggest that it would be the next 3D Animated film from Tim Burton... What I find odd is that Mike does mention FRANKENWEENIE in the body of the article as being a film that Tim "is making"... Well at the SXSW screening at the fabled Paramount Theater this morning I sat in on a terrific screening of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY - a spectacular documentary that tells of the time at Disney between THE BLACK CAULDRON and THE LION KING's releases. It is an absolutely civilized telling of some astonishing filmmaking that made up the last golden years of Disney Animation. What is amazing is that it is a pretty damn honest look at those times that is actually endorsed by the Walt Disney Corporation. Anyway - I'll write that review soon enough. What's key to tell right now is that Director Don Hahn, who was there to introduce and do a post film Q&A, who happens to also be the Executive Producer of FRANKENWEENIE. Well, this Don Hahn told us that the puppets are ready, the script is done and now that Tim Burton is clear of ALICE IN WONDERLAND... he's set to helm FRANKENWEENIE in 3D. So that's probably the next 3D animated Tim Burton project. Wouldn't ya think?

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