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Friday Brings Syfy's Almost-Last
New CAPRICA Till Autumn!!

I am – Hercules!!
Syfy says of tonight’s installment, titled “Ghosts in the Machine”:
Daniel wages psychological warfare to flush out Zoe when he suspects her avatar is hiding in the Cylon; Joseph is guided to a nightclub in New Cap City that may lead him to Tamara; Vergis tries to drive a wedge between Amanda and Daniel.
Next week’s is titled “End of the Line,” and it’s the last till fall (when we get 10 fresh hours). Syfy says of next week’s:
Daniel sets a deadline to reset the Cylon, forcing Zoe to find a way to save herself; Barnabas clashes with Clarice, with Lacy caught in the middle; Daniel make a confession to Amanda.
If you missed the news earlier this week, Syfy exec Mark Stern seems bullish about a second season for “Caprica.” You can read about that here. 9 p.m. Friday. Syfy.
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