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Beautiful Images From Luc Besson's THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC

Hey folks. Wanna fall in love with a movie that you have never seen? Well pick up a book called IMAGES FROM JOAN OF ARC, there are very few words, most are in French, and the book is only available from France right now, so if you have an internet buddy over there... ship em the dough and pick it up. This is a sampling of the images from this book. The photography is by Jack English, and while I don't know for sure, it sure seems that this is the first film book in history that does not have a 'portrait' style shot of it's star. Also, I can't seem to find Dustin Hoffman or Faye Dunaway or John Malkovich pictures. This is a legitimate art book. And what a refreshing book it is. No... 'in studio' shots. The first third is black and white character shots. The middle third is beautiful color photos. And the last third is of behind-the-scenes shots where you can see shots of the set with the 'illusion' broken. The men behind the curtain. If I could pick the premiere for me and the winner of the 'Go to a Hollywood Premiere With Harry' contest, it would be for this film, but I have no clue what premiere I'll be going to... but this is the film I would most like to see in one of those gigantic L.A. theaters. We'll see.

By clicking on the photos you will have large beautiful full screen shots, perfect for your wallpaper or whatever. There were many other pictures, but... It would take me forever to get them all out there for ya. Instead, see if you can track this book down. I have no idea if they are planning to release it here in the U.S. I know if it is, it'll have the title changed as right now it's the French title of simply JOAN OF ARC. Enjoy...

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