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UPDATE!! Harry Sees PREDATORS Footage At SXSW!! Site Now Online with Footage!!

HARRY HERE: Actually there's footage there now, the trailer will be there on 3/18)

Merrick here... The PREDATORS site Harry mentioned below is now online at Good call, Talkbacker Doomofman!! Unfortunatley, contrary to what we were apparently told, sounds like the footage won't be online until next week (3/18 according to the site). Crap.

Hey folks, Harry here... at this precise moment, I'm in the midst of a screening of LEAVES OF GRASS, which I'll be handling the Q&A for. But because this is SXSW, sometimes you feel you need to be in two places at once - and as most of you know, I can really spread myself around. At this exact moment at the Alamo Ritz - Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal are taking the stage. They have Greg Nicotero there operating a fully awesome original style PREDATOR head. They're going to talk about a number of things - like how Robert came to hire Nimrod. How together they fused what Robert had written ages ago with ideas that Nimrod had for telling the story. They'll talk about a desire to make the Predator mysterious, scary and alien again. Throughout the talk - on the screen behind them will be a slideshow of designs, both final and conceptual - to give everyone an idea of just how many decisions, directions and ideas that they explored. You'll hear how they matched Hawaiian Exotic Jungle with Central Texas Piney Woods - and it looks perfect. Throughout this presentation - there will be Predator Laser Tags going everywhere... because EVERYONE IS GETTING a PREDATOR tri-mark laser pointer.... a special limited edition of 200 copies poster and a T-shirt. And they will see 3 different things. The first two are a pair of trailers, there's just a few extra money shots in the second one, but both trailers are selling the premise. Unlike either of the two prior 'canon' films - this isn't a film made up of an established team used to working with each other. And next, you'll notice the tone. It has a weight. A seriousness that feels scary. 5 warriors from a variety of backgrounds wake up in a strange locale. They learn that each was a member of an elite killing force. Black ops, Yakuza, Special Forces, etc. Quickly they realize, they're not in Kansas anymore. You get the feeling something could be hunting them. Then you see a Predator with a roaring hellhound looking critter - that isn't really a Predapuppy, but a whole different kinda of critter. Something mean and scary. You'll see that Adrian Brody is no longer even close to be lanky. That he's bulked up in the fittest manner you can imagine. One of the things you'll notice is that these trailers are made up of practical real things. You'll see things caught in real light and shadow and it looks fantastic. The jungle stuff isn't at all LOST-y, tall thin trees with white bark and a fog or mist or smoke in the air. This jungle looks like a place where bad shit is the norm. They'll continue chatting for a bit, taking some questions, and if the audience is good, they'll play a scene. This scene isn't a creature scene. It is a character reveal. I'm not going to reveal who it is, but this character has been living on this planet for a while. He is wearing various 'gear' that is of alien origin. When the fx are finished, the character will decloak in front of Adrian Brody. He'll remove his helmet and will simply reveal his badassness to them. He'll tell them that they smell wrong, that they're too loud. He'll tell them that "THEY" will find them fast. And I wish I'd seen it a couple of times so I could have a better grasp of the dialogue. But this character's dialogue will incite cheers. I know all of this, because Robert showed me the presentation earlier yesterday. And this is being posted while I'm in another movie by Merrick, who will be searching online for the official website which will be going live around this time. At something like Which will have a 30 second preview that will have some of the images folks will be seeing right now...but there will also be Behind The Scenes glimpses thrown in too. I have to say, PREDATORS is looking like the real thing. Which would be real fucking nice, wouldn't it?

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