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Whatchu tawkin' 'bout Willis Schwarzenegger?

Merrick here...
AB King sent along this overseas link, which looks to be an EXPENDABLES poster from Denmark. What do we call folks from Denmark? Denish? Denmarkian? If they're Danes, why are certain foods called names like Orange Danishes? Or, are Orange Danishes unrelated to real Danes - in the same way French Fries aren't really from France? Anyway, here's the poster.


The above image originates HERE. THE EXPENDABLES hits U.S. theaters late this Summer. If some of the more recent test screening reports are accurate (please note that qualification), this film is insanely violent; one description said it was gnariler than RAMBO. Here's hoping The Powers That Be don't skew soft on the action/bloodshed. We'll see... And who the fuck is Willis Schwarzenegger? A previously unknown relative of Arnold? Some frightfully intimidating genetic inter-splice of Bruce and Arnold? I must know! If a creature like this walks the Earth, we should be prepared!
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