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The New Ridley Scott ROBIN HOOD Trailer gets the job done, I'm very interested now

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest trailer for ROBIN HOOD - and it really is the best trailer they've done. Showing us that they will tell us the story of ROBIN HOOD beginning as a child, the ethics that his father reenforced in him and lastly... badass old school action. I have no fear that this will supplant my love for Michael Curtiz's perfect ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD - but it does look like a damn fine alternative take. I'm interested. How about you? I still want Wes Anderson to do ROBIN HOOD - using the puppets from FANTASTIC MR FOX - to create a 3D Stop Motion Animated ROBIN HOOD based on their animated version. But that's probably just me. Click here to see this new ROBIN HOOD trailer

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