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Here is the winner of the Leaves of Grass competition! Plus some runner ups!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the winner and some runner ups from the Meet Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson for Leaves of Grass Contest. In the spirit of the film, about a set of identical twins, one a professor and the other equally brilliant, but with a PhD in hydroponics, I asked for dual images of the entrants. I wanted the straightlaced you and the pot-head you. I got all sorts of images, most computer manipulated, but a couple that were straight up before and after pics with "props." I even got one that was a shot of a dude in his younger days being a little irresponsible. I'm going to post the winner first and then go through a few of my favorite runners up. The winner, who will get a private meet and greet with Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson as well as two reserved seats for the premiere screening at SXSW for him and his friend is Paul Armstrong. I loved the action of the piece and the two distinct characters taking up one space. That's what gave this one the edge:

If I had a second place prize I'd give it to Cintia Jasso. I love that she went sweet and trippy with her image instead of grungy and smokey. I went back and forth between Cintia's entry and Paul's, but ultimately Paul got me to laugh the second I opened the email, so he edged her out. This is Cintia's entry:

Here's a similar entry from Sonia Gomez, which was a close third. Again, I love the two distinct personalities on display here, especially the red, red eyes:

And here's a before and after type from Anthony Middendorf. The stoner is of the hip, badass variety... not so much the falling asleep on the couch with an Xbox controller in your hand and potato chip crumbs on your chest kind.

And here's an example of the "recently unearthed '70s me" type of entry. In fact, it's the only authentic one of its type I got. From Doug Meacham. Loved it, just didn't make the same impression as the winner.

Thanks to those who entered and Congratulations to Paul Armstrong for the win. I'm sure his guest and himself are going to have a ball. I'll be seeing the movie for the first time myself at that South By screening this coming Saturday. Can't wait to see two Edward Nortons square off against a redneck pot godfather played by Richard Dreyfuss. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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