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Subject Matter Of SOPRANOS Mastermind David Chase’s First Big-Screen Project Revealed!!

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It’s been almost three years now since “The Sopranos” cut to black, and about that long since we started hearing about a movie David Chase has been writing for himself to direct at Paramount. Deadline Hollywood believes it knows what the movie is about:
... a music-driven coming-of-age saga for Paramount about a bunch of guys who form a rock band in the 1960s.
Chase was 15 when the 1960s began and 25 when they ended. According to Wikipedia, Chase in his youth was a drummer who suffered from depression and a rocky relationship with his parents:
Chase grew up in a small garden apartment in Clifton, New Jersey and in North Caldwell. Chase has stated that as a youth he had many issues with his parents, whom he feels were overbearing. He grew up watching matinée crime films and was well-known as a creative storyteller during his childhood. Chase claims his father was an angry man who belittled him constantly as a child and his mother was a "passive-aggressive drama queen" and "a nervous woman who dominated any situation she was in by being so needy and always on the verge of hysteria. You walked on eggshells." One of his characters on the HBO original series The Sopranos, Livia Soprano is based on his mother. Chase struggled with severe depression as a teenager, something he still deals with today. He graduated from high school in 1964 and attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where his depression worsened. "I slept 18 hours a day," Chase later stated. He described his problems as "what's come to be known as normal, nagging, clinical depression. It was awful." He also worked as a drummer during this period, and held aspirations of being a professional musician. After two years, he transferred to New York University (NYU), where he announced his decision to pursue a career in film, a decision that was not well-received by his parents. He went on to attend Stanford University's School of Film.
While Chase has never before helmed a feature, he’s directed a half-dozen TV episodes over the last few decades, including the series finale he wrote for “The Sopranos.” There’s still no title for Chase’s first big-screen effort, but we know the studio’s specialty arm Paramount Vantage is distributing. Chase wrote for great series like “Kolchak: The Night Stalker,” “The Rockford Files” and “Northern Exposure” before he created “The Sopranos,” so I’m excited to see anything he puts his hand to. Find Deadline Hollywood's exclusive on the matter here.
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