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Is This The Coolest News From Last Night's Oscars?? Keanu Says BILL & TED May Party On!!

Merrick here...
MTV caught up with Keanu Reeves on the Oscar's red carpet last night - their discussion turned to BILL & TED.
While it's hard to completely read Reeves in this clip, he's saying (seriously, but with a smile?) there's still a possibility of a third film in that series. The below embed originates HERE.
This is actually not a terribly new notion - Keanu's been talking up a third BILL & TED movie for a while now. His hope is to reunite with co-star Alex Winter in a film that would catch-up with the characters as adults (as much as you can use the world "adult" in association with Bill or Ted). What would be newsworthy here is that Keanu might now be doing more than just talking about it...unless he's totally yanking MTV's chain, dude. I hold a mammoth spot in my heart for these films...the first one in particular...and gotta say I don't mind this concept at all. The lunacy of the franchise as a whole can easily support a concept in which our "grown-up" heroes struggle to cope with the real world while facing non-triumphant obstacles and enemies of a quantum/metaphysical nature. Whoa. The result could be most bodacious. If you've never seen BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY, check out this DIE HARD 2's William Sadler as The Grim Reaper.
I've spoken to several educators - including an assistant principal at a top-ranking school - who strongly urge their staff and associates to watch the first film (BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE). Seems that, within all of the movie's tripped-out insanity, there are sublime truths to be found about the ways kids view their lives and worlds. These educators use the B&T movies as something of a training tool, and I can't say I disagree with their interpretations. We'll see what comes of this...
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