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Wanna see a killer bizarre mannequin film noir movie in Austin tonight?

Hey folks, Harry here... Tonight, at the Alamo Village, is going to be two showings of one of the strangest movies you'll ever have the likelihood of ever seeing, if you show up that is. The movie is titled EVE'S NECKLACE and is directed by a fella by the name of Daniel Erickson - and it couldn't be any more mondo bizarro if it tried. The movie is made exclusively with Mannequins - and it works. About 3 months or so ago, I had the pleasure of seeing this very different film. Essentially, it is a thriller filled with sexual undertones and overtones. It is violent, in so far as Mannequins can be violent, and they can. It's oddly fetishistically sexual in many ways - but it is a fascinating experiment gone right. If you go to you can pick up tickets for tonight. I'll be introducing the movie, just because... well, I'm partial to it. The movie isn't really like anything I can point to. And I think you'll agree. But if you're in the mood for some very interesting oddness tonight, click on that link and I'll see you tonight.

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