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New Eps Of FUTURAMA In...

Merrick here...
We've known for a while now that FUTURAMA would be returning with new episodes sometime 'round this Summer. Now comes word that these new episodes will arrive in June. FUTURAMA's Facebook page says...
Heads up, Futurama fans! All new episodes of Futurama begin this June on Comedy Central! [EDIT] Oh, and one more thing: we're bringing back the ENTIRE original cast.
Thanks to Doc_Martigan for pointing us towards the FB posting. THIS piece at Comedy Central Insider says...
And now it's been announced that the first 12 episodes will begin airing in June with more to follow.
So 12 episodes in June. Can't wait. Didn't really dig the formatting of the four DVD movies (episode amalgams. or whatever) that were issued on DVD/Blu-Ray - the show seemed to strain under that structure. Hopefully this new batch will feel more...FUTURAMAy.
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