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Roger Ebert Headed
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Roger Ebert, who can’t really talk anymore thanks to losing a good portion of his jawbone, will nonetheless be chatting with an old friend and fellow Chicagoan on Tuesday’s edition of “Oprah.” Ebert, who “speaks” by typing into devices these days, indicated in a fascinating Feb. 16 Esquire profile that he has abandoned efforts to restore his ability to talk, which suggests his long anticipated return to reviewing movies on TV won’t be happening anytime soon, if at all. His old show at Disney-ABC, which began in 1986 as “Siskel & Ebert & The Movies,” then evolved into “Siskel & Ebert,” “Roger Ebert & The Movies,” “Ebert & Roeper and the Movies,” “Ebert & Roeper,” and “At The Movies With Ebert & Roeper,” is now called “At The Movies” and hosted by fellow print critics Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott. In the Esquire article, there’s a shocking story about Ebert’s discovery that the old “Siskel & Ebert” set, which he believed was going to be relocated to the Smithsonian Institution, wound up broken up and tossed into a dumpster behind his old studio. Find all of the Boston Globe’s story on Ebert’s “Oprah” appearance here.
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