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UPDATE!! Roland Emmerich = Shakespeare Conspiracy Thriller??

Merrick again... Adding two more fun embeds pertaining to the Shakespeare authorship theories. They were sent in by a reader named Kai, who characterizes the videos thusly:

These are introductions to the new Norwegian documentary-series "Sweet Swan of Avon". A Norwegian discovers secret codes in Shakespeares first folio, on his tombstone and on his statue in the church where he is buried. To make a long story short: In the end he discovers an amazing treasure-map in Shakespeares works, which leads him to the famous "treasure island" - Oak Island - in Nova Scotia, Canada. This series has created quite a buzz in Norway. This is an fantastic Indiana Jones story the world needs to experience, and I belive Emmerichs movie will be quite dull compared to this true story. Hope You find this interesting!

Merrick here...
Maybe Roland Emmerich is establishing some kind of pattern here...a spectacle or two, then a history thing...a spectacle or two, then a history thing... Last time, Emmerich broke the flow of his effects-intensive blow-outs with THE PATRIOT. His newest, post 2012 respite will be called ANONYMOUS. Empire recently discussed the project with Roland, who revealed more details about what's going on with the film.
Anonymous tackles the thorny theory that's circulated for the past 100 years that Shakespeare’s plays were, in fact, written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford. The director divulged his cast of Elizabeth types when we caught up with him. “We have Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth; David Thewlis as William Cecil, old and young; and Rhys Ifans as The Earl Of Oxford. It’s a true English cast and I’m really proud of it. There’s 12 main characters and 20 or 30 other characters, and each of the characters is really good.” [EDIT] It’s the Tudors on one side and the Cecils on the other, and in between [the two] is the Queen. Through that story we tell how the plays written by the Earl of Oxford ended up labelled 'William Shakespeare'.”
...says Empire HERE. ANONYMOUS should go before cameras next month or so.

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