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Contest! In Austin for SXSW? Want a personal meet and greet with Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson? Find out how!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a cool little contest. Tim Blake Nelson directed a film called LEAVES OF GRASS starring Edward Norton doing what he does best: playing with duality. From PRIMAL FEAR to FIGHT CLUB and even as recent as THE INCREDIBLE HULK Norton has played in this sandbox before... but not as twins... going up against Richard Dreyfuss as a hillbilly pot king.

I'm very much looking forward to the film, which plays SXSW next month. Tied into that US premiere screening is this very contest. The contest is open only to people who are Austin locals or who will be in Austin for SXSW (specifically Friday, March 12th). The prize is 2 reserved seats to the premiere (and tickets if you're not a SXSW badge holder), which is 9:30pm March 12th at the Alamo South Lamar. Before or after the movie (TBD) you and your guest will also get a private meet and greet with Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson. If this sounds appealing to you (and it damn well should!) then here's what you gotta do: I need a set of photos, one of YOU and one of YOUR POTHEAD TWIN. You can achieve this however you wish... photoshop, props, make-up, substance abuse (ahem... that AICN condonts, of course), but the more creative and funnier the better your chance of being the lucky winner. I also need your sworn promise you'll be in town to claim the prize. The contest doesn't come with airfare, just the chance to meet two very awesome filmmakers. I need you to submit your photos (no bigger than 1MB each) to with the subject line KINDA GRABS YOU BY THE BOO-BOO, DON'T IT? If it's not that subject line exactly it is possible it won't go into the right folder. I also need your name and, if possible, the name of your guest. The deadline for the contest is NOON CST, Saturday March 6th. I'll post the winner by Monday evening, March 8th. They have set up a Facebook page which can be viewed here where you can take a look at some famous examples of pothead twins. Here's one of their examples, Jon Stewart's pothead twin... have you ever seen The Daily Show... ON WEED?!?

Your entry can be in a similar style or something with your own unique spin, it's up to you. Leaves of Grass plays SXSW March 12th and gets a theatrical release April 2nd! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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