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Marvel Convenes Steamy CAPTAIN AMERICA Casting Orgy!!!

Beaks here...

Sorry, guys. Been out and about all morning, and just now caught up with Deadline Hollywood's report regarding Marvel Studios' and director Joe Johnston's search for Captain America. Here is their wish list:
Chace Crawford (GOSSIP GIRL) John Krasinski (THE OFFICE) Scott Porter (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Mike Vogel (CLOVERFIELD) Michael Cassidy (Lots o' TV) Patrick Flueger (BROTHERS and THE 4400) Garrett Hedlund (TRON LEGACY)
And here is my reaction: hm. Krasinski is the best actor of the bunch, and is actually a pretty tall guy in real life; I can't speak to his athleticism, but if you work him out in the gym for a few months, he might eventually look the part. As for his demeanor, he's never seemed the Steve Rogers type to me - but if they're going to portray Rogers as a USO performer, then maybe he's their Steve Rogers type. And maybe most of fandom has a problem with that. I don't know. I like Krasinski, so I'm almost rooting for him here. Scott Porter is the only other guy I could see pulling this off - and that's mostly because I dug his work as Jason Street on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. He was terrific as part of an ensemble, but as a leading man... as Captain freakin' America... again, wouldn't be my first choice. But my first choice probably isn't going to happen here because Marvel is looking for a young actor willing to take a smallish (for this kind of film) $300,000 payday (which goes up from picture-to-picture), and commit to nine appearances in sequels or branching Marvel Studios projects (like THE AVENGERS or, perhaps, THE INVADERS). They want an up-and-comer or a complete unknown. Honestly, given the above options, I think I'd prefer the latter at this point.

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