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Jackie Chan's Teaching The Kid Kung Fu In This New KARATE KID Trailer!!

Merrick here...
Sonny has issued a new trailer for THE KARATE KID redux. Some of this material we've seen in the previous trailer, some is new. I'm still not entirely clear on why the kid's learning "Kung Fu" in a movie that has the word "Karate" in the title, as they're completely separate disciplines (Jackie Chan clear says he's teaching Will Smith's kid "Kung Fu" multiple times in this new trailer). Maybe there's a plot machination in the film which accommodates this disparity? More than likely, this is simply a case of the production's marketers wanting to bank on the name recognition of "Karate Kid", accuracy be damned. We'll see when the film hit theaters June 11.

The above embed originates at the film's OFFICIAL SITE.
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