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ACK!!! What Is Happening At 10am having to do with the new TRON film in Austin & 24 other Globally Cool Spots?

Hey folks, Harry here -- I'm done with my Olympic following for the night... Watching that Korean skater perform to John Barry's Bond themework - well, that was the simple perfection I needed on which to call it a night. Besides, I have to set my alarm to get up in a few hours to see what the fuck is going on HERE in Austin - and 24 other cities you see noted beneath that damn confusing binary symbol thingamagig. Well, I'm told that it reaches zero at 10am Central time. And that the city name of AUSTIN appears along with 24 other cities all of whom have the capacity to screen 3D IMAX... and because IMAX's twitter retweeted a link to the countdown page... is this going to be an AVATAR like IMAXian presentation for the hardcore TRON geeks? Will I be donning my TRON shoes at dawn to launch into gear to beat ass somewhere - or will this just be a ticket registration? Well, if you've nothing better to do, just stare at the countdown... I bet you won't even have to refresh. All of a sudden, LASERS will dart out of your laptop chopping you up into a grid... sucking us into Disney's mainframe. You see, they've decided that artificial intelligent extras animated in some program are out of date. However, if they throw us onto the gamegrid... We'll realistically not know what the fuck we're doing, thus being awesome fodder for the cool badass characters they'll be feeding us to. But man, I've been waiting for decades to get on the game grid and when the computer digitizes my essence... I'll de-res first! I'll beat you all!!!

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