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Have no fear... The Man Of Bronze is in the best hands! DOC SAVAGE is on his way!

Hey folks, Harry here with an update on a story I broke back in October of last year! There isn't exactly a single new twist to the story I broke back in October... If you remember, I broke that Shane Black was writing the script for DOC SAVAGE, and his producer was Neal Moritz. That's all still the case. The new wrinkle is this. Apparently, SHANE BLACK is directing it now too!!! And that Columbia Pictures has decided to announce they're doing it. Well... Color me happy as hell. This is great news. The article mentions that Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry have been working with Shane... but frankly, that Shane is directing now - and knowing that he is involved as the writer as well... This is incredibly exciting. Shane is one of the best writers around and his KISS KISS BANG BANG is at least for me, a high rotation title - along with everything he's written and worked on. Let's see how casting goes! I know from talking with Shane this will be period, will have Doc's team and is going to be a shit ton of fun. Variety 'broke' this 'officially'

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