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Now Entering The Reboot-O-Tron: AMERICAN PIE!!

Merrick here...
The L.A. Times says we can expect more AMERICAN PIE films in the future via "resetting" the property.
Universal, which made and distributed the pop-phenomenon original, is developing a new version with an eye toward resetting the property as a theatrical franchise. The studio is poised to bring on "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to script a new take on the franchise, which is being described in the development community as "American Pie 4." The movie would come on the heels of the third theatrical movie in the franchise, "American Wedding," which came out in 2003, and a slew of lucrative DVD titles that followed.
...says the Times HERE. I just... I mean... You know... There's NOTHING else out there to make? So the only/best option is to "reboot" everything imaginable? It's not that there are no better's that The Powers That Be are looking for the pre-established brands that make for safer, easier options. Lazy? Maybe. Precautionary? Certainly. Aggravating? Absolutely.
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