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Wanna Preview Some Pages From Titan Books' KICK-ASS Publication??

Merrick here...
The good folks over at Titan Books sent along some page samples from their upcoming KICK-ASS: CREATING THE COMIC, MAKING THE MOVIE. As implied by its title, the book tracks the development of the comic through the realization of the movie based upon them. A press release describes the publication thusly:
Adapted from the comic book phenomenon by Mark Millar (Wanted) and John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man), comes KICK-ASS, the fierce and frenetic new live action movie from Lionsgate and MARV Films. Before the movie hits theaters, Titan Books is giving fans the ultimate chance to prepare with KICK-ASS: CREATING THE COMIC, MAKING THE MOVIE. Written by Mark Millar, with input from the whole cast and crew as well as the comic¹s artist, John Romita Jr., this companion is the full and official page-to-screen story of Kick-Ass, straight from the creator himself. With eye-popping art from the original comics, script extracts and hundreds of movie photos, this slick companion is the indispensable guide to every ass-kicking aspect. What would happen if you tried to be a superhero? What would happen if an ordinary kid in a spandex costume came face-to-face with the criminal underworld? Dave Lizewski is just a regular teenager, with a MySpace page, a comic book collection, and no girlfriend; but as self-styled vigilante Kick-Ass, he¹s about to find out exactly how a superhero would fare in the real world... and it¹s going to get really, really violent!
Here are some images you'll find in the book. Know that they are EMBIGGENABLE!

Images © 2010 KA Films LP. Kick-Ass comic book © 2010 Mark Millar and John S. Romita. All rights reserved.

KICK-ASS: CREATING THE COMIC, MAKING THE MOVIE is out Feb 23rd from Titan Books. More details can be found via TITAN'S SITE, or the book can be pre-ordered HERE. And, we may have an opportunity for you as well if everything works out just right. Stay tuned...
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