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Joseph Kosinski Talks About THE BLACK HOLE Redux - And It's Kinda Cool!!

Merrick here...
TRON LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski spoke with MTV about his re-imagining of THE BLACK HOLE. Sounds like script work will begin in a few months, but a few critical...and telling...decisions have already been made. And, for anyone who has any level of affection for the original, this is pretty exciting.
"It won't be a sequel like 'Tron,'" he explained. "This one will be a reimagining. For me, it would be taking ideas and iconic elements that struck me as timeless and cool and preserving them while weaving a new story around them that's a little more '2001.'" Among the elements Kosinski intends to keep are the red robot, the gnarly death of Cygnus' top dog Dr. Alex Durant (played originally by Anthony Perkins) and the design of the ship.
...reveals Joseph in THIS discussion with MTV, which goes on to site Kosinski's thoughts on said "ship".
"The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put to film."
Now, the Asshole Geek in me is compelled to point out that Anthony Perkins' Alex Durant character was not "Cygnus' top dog" as indicated by MTV - he was actually part of (the leader of?) Palomino expedition who discovers & boards the long-missing Cygnus early in the film. I'm such a dork. Lest you forget his Cuisinartish demmise, it can be seen (starting at approx. 1:25) in THIS clip. I hope the "reimagining" retains something of the original's title sequence, which I always thought was a pretty damn groovy opening.

Here's a look at at the Cygnus, which I strongly agree is one of the most powerfully iconic Sci Fi vessels ever. LIGHTED TOY! LIGHTED TOY! I WANT A LIGHTED TOY! Sorry about that...

Check out the MTV piece, which goes on to say that the new BLACK HOLE will utilize harder science than Gary Nelson's 1979 original, which was all over the place in that regard. This is all very interesting, and promising. Wondering if the "zombie" crew will be retained - seems like that might be a potential point of deviation? Also very curious as to the tone of the new film - given the original's decidedly bleak/oppressive atmosphere...
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